Maybe a picture is worth more than a thousand words. But I think a thousand words can tell you the entire story of someone’s life more easily than a picture can. I’m not usually much for poetry, but here are a few posts where I attempted it.

Rain (Original Poem) was the result of me sitting on the hotel balcony when I went to the beach this summer. And also of living in Florida for four years.

Haiku are a lot of fun to write. They are, of course, especially close to my heart because of the poetry style’s Japanese origin.

A haiku about Monster Energy. That’s literally it.

And then there’s this sonnet I wrote for a college English class. Why is everything I wrote in Florida about rain? Get your junk together, Florida!

Creative writing that’s not technically poetry, but also definitely not fiction.

(Okay, maybe not that creative.) My opinion about the importance of a good book. I wrote this for an English class too.

When I Blogged Every Day in June 2014, I actually did manage to post every day. (Ignore the missing day. I posted like 100 words in a Facebook status.)
Day 1/30: Five Ways to Win My Heart
Day 2/30: Something I Feel Strongly About
Day 3/30: A Book I Love
Day 4/30: My Day in Bullets
Day 5/30: Five Things I Want to Say to My Ex
Day 6/30: My View of Mainstream Music
Day 7/30: Five Pet Peeves
Day 8/30: What I Ate Today
Day 9/30: What I Think of Education
Day 10/30: 10 Songs on Shuffle
Day 12/30: Five Guys I Find Attractive
Day 13/30: My Opinion About My Body
Day 14/30: What I Wore Today
Day 15/30: My Sign and My Personality
Day 16/30: What If (I Started a YouTube Channel)?
Day 17/30: Something I’m Proud Of
Day 18/30: A Problem I Have
Day 19/30: Five Items I Lust After
Day 20/30: My Fears
Day 21/30: What I Hope Is In My Future
Day 22/30: My Academics
Day 23/30: Something I Miss
Day 24/30: Five Words/Phrases That Make Me Laugh
Day 25/30: Something I Am Worrying About
Day 26/30: Things I Like and Dislike
Day 27/30: A Quote I Try to Live By
Day 28/30: Somewhere I’d Like to Live
Day 29/30: Five Weird Things I Like
Day 30/30: Something I’m Excited About

The Library Tour is going to be an accounting of my book shelves, what would be a shelf tour on a BookTube channel. The introduction is here.


Let me know what you think.

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