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Arigatou Miyazaki Senpai (Pantheon of Authors)

(Yes, I realize he’s an artist. He’s still my senpai.)

I once had someone tell me that my pacing was “different.” Like, in a place where he expected there to be a climax, I would de-escalate. He mentioned later that he understood that better after he began watching anime.

Most of the time, the cast in my brain are in anime. I built a genetic system in my novel that results in a cast with colors everything from blue to green to purple. That’s not actually¬†something I set out to do, but rather something¬†I had to explain away several years after the fact.

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…you spend your entire shower wondering whether the edge of a floating city would be for the poor people or the rich people. Like, is it desired because of the great view, or is it avoided because it’s so close to the drop? Follow up questions included:

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The Drop Box (Original Short Story)

Last week when I was trying to figure out what to blog, I found a prompt that said, “Write one entry for The Atlas of Fictional Places.” I decided that incorporating prose into my style sheet would be refreshing, and this story kind of happened. (I blame the Starbucks fumes.)

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