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Summer Green

So with Pokemon Go luring me outside, I’ve realized that it’s not so much that I hate summer as it is that it’s too hot for me to enjoy. Continue reading


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The Blue Umbrella (Mike Mason)

I wrote the entire final battle scene of my novel yesterday. Twenty-two pages in a composition book. So I almost don’t have anything left to say. But I just finished The Blue Umbrella by Mike Mason, and it was amazing. I actually bought this book entirely based on its design. It has covers that fold in, so it’s a paperback, but it’s pretty sturdy. And the edges of the pages are cut uneven so reading it feels kind of like paging through a hand-stitched volume. The cover art makes it look kind of vintage too. Gorgeous, gorgeous little book. Continue reading

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The Haze

On hazy, hot, and muggy days, I groan
Each time I see the sun. But when it burns
May I complain, and whine, and sweat, and moan
Beneath it? Continue reading

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Summer of Storms

In the spirit of Summer of Storms (as per my Instagram), I thought I would share this entry from my day book. This is from February 7 this year, when I had just Continue reading


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