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I Got a New Job

So it’s been a while. I blame summer. Once it gets hot, I don’t want to do anything. I spend summer hiding in the air conditioning.

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Autumn is Coming

With a week of August left now, I have realized that it might be my favorite month of the year. Once you hit August, people finally stop sneering, “Oh, just you wait” when you complain about how hot it is. This last week or so, it’s rained a lot where I live, and today was cooler and absolutely gorgeous. Continue reading

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Summer Green

So with Pokemon Go luring me outside, I’ve realized that it’s not so much that I hate summer as it is that it’s too hot for me to enjoy. Continue reading

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Summer of Storms

In the spirit of Summer of Storms (as per my Instagram), I thought I would share this entry from my day book. This is from February 7 this year, when I had just Continue reading


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