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Oh My God He’s Gay

I really need to get a waterproof speaker so that I can listen to music while I shower. Because I always come up with the weirdest shower thoughts. I think I’ve even mentioned some on this blog before. I do things like brainstorm the infrastructure of floating islands (you know, what they do with their trash, who lives on the edge and who lives in the middle, stuff like that). I can’t help it. I get bored in the shower. Continue reading


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…you spend your entire shower wondering whether the edge of a floating city would be for the poor people or the rich people. Like, is it desired because of the great view, or is it avoided because it’s so close to the drop? Follow up questions included:

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Shower Thoughts

I spent four hours in Starbucks yesterday, watching a glorious friend brainstorm a story for me. I had one paragraph of, “This plot is complicated and probably not in order.” She blew it up into a 7-page Google Doc, complete with little snippets of dialogue and all the ships and feels. So now I want to work on that, because it’s not something that’s going to be a proper book, and I miss posting on Wattpad. Writing group feedback is different and slightly discouraging. Continue reading

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