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Sonder (Pantheon of Authors: JKR)

I’m a bit unclear on whether this is a real word or not, but I saw it in like a Buzzfeed list or something that said it was the realization that other people have lives as complex as your own. That’s a concept people seem to struggle to grasp, even good people who are nice most of the time.

I think imagining others complexly, as John Green would say, is something that comes naturally to no one. People have to be taught to be compassionate. I struggle with empathy a lot. Not an “I can’t imagine what you’re going through” struggle with empathy. More like an “I can imagine what you’re going through so hard it’s making me sad/happy/angry/fill-in-the-blank.” I blame that on how much time I’ve spent reading. Continue reading


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The Drop Box (Original Short Story)

Last week when I was trying to figure out what to blog, I found a prompt that said, “Write one entry for The Atlas of Fictional Places.” I decided that incorporating prose into my style sheet would be refreshing, and this story kind of happened. (I blame the Starbucks fumes.)

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Alaethea (Original Short Story)

Alaethea is a Greek name meaning “truth.” Sophia and Kavik, raised on the run by parents with a big secret, are now free to seek out the truth.


Sophia kept one hand securely on her older brother’s knapsack strap as they wove through the market day crowd of Ryder’s town square.

“You hungry?” Kavik asked, dark brown eyes compassionate.

Sophia shook her head. When Kavik had first struck upon the idea of finding the capital Continue reading

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