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Imagine if you volunteered to be on the first interplanetary voyage

Imagine if you volunteered to be on the first interplanetary voyage.

It’s going to take a couple centuries to get there, of course. You’ll never see your family and friends again. You tell everyone goodbye and you climb into your cryogenic chamber to wait.

You don’t wake up until your ship arrives at the new earth. You and your crewmates gather excitedly around the portholes. A whole new planet no one has seen before. You look out at the blue of water and green of land, home to animals and plants no one has ever seen before.


You arrive to a bustling metropolis.

Not an alien metropolis. A certified 100% human metropolis here on this new earth.

And you find out that during your voyage NASA discovered wormholes and people have been traveling back and forth to this planet for a whole century now, awaiting your arrival.

Can you imagine what that would feel like?


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And the Days Are Dark and Dreary (Portraits of a Mary Sue)

Snippet from the story I’m currently working on. Continue reading

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The One in the Mirror (Portraits of a Mary Sue)

That feeling is sitting in my ribs again. The emptiness. The nagging that something is not right. The certainty that I’m missing something important.

It’s 2 am.

I should be asleep.

Why can’t I just sleep…

I stumble into the bathroom, flick on the lights, wince under the yellow blaze.

The one in the mirror doesn’t have bloodshot eyes. She isn’t afraid of her own skin. She can bite her lip if she wants to. She can blog about it if she wants to.

My legs are shaking. My fingers grip the edge of the bathroom counter.

The one in the mirror wears armor, but she also wears her heart on her sleeve. Her hair is short because she’s done lying. She’s not afraid to have opinions. She’s not afraid to try new things.

I’m getting dizzy.

The one in the mirror blinks at me. She looks sad tonight. She never looks sad.

I stare back.

She touches the glass with a finger like a butterfly kiss. Then she pulls back her arm, fingers clenched into a fist.

White cracks across silver as the mirror shatters.

I hear quiet sobbing. My throat aches.

The one in the mirror has disappeared behind the lace.

My fingers rest on my side of the mirror, still smooth—and so very, very cold.

Blood runs down my hand.

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Madeleine (I’ve Never Had an Alice, M)

I might make #FictionFriday a thing since, you know, I FINISHED BOOK 1 YESTERDAY! Woohoo! But this is another short story from Nano 14. Did I ever explain I’ve Never Had an Alice? Basically, I realized one day that I’ve never had a character named Alice, and I ended up making up an entire list of names I’ve never used. And then my glorious coworker suggested that I should make all the stories connected, and they became world building for my novel. Well, not my novel exactly, but for a city in my world that never gets mentioned, so I wrote it a short story series. I’m pretty sure Madeleine happens before Quinn, but who really knows. Continue reading

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The Drop Box (Original Short Story)

Last week when I was trying to figure out what to blog, I found a prompt that said, “Write one entry for The Atlas of Fictional Places.” I decided that incorporating prose into my style sheet would be refreshing, and this story kind of happened. (I blame the Starbucks fumes.)

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Quinn (I’ve Never Had an Alice, Q)

For Nanowrimo 2014, in addition to finishing my Dan Howell fanfiction, I wrote several short stories involving a city in my world that doesn’t actually feature in my novel. Some of them are pure world building, but I’d love to make an anthology of them at some point, once people are more familiar with the world in my novel. I’m totally out of nonfictional inspiration at the moment, so I edited this one and I hope you enjoy it.

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High Time For a Pint (Original Short Story)

I got a craving. Continue reading

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