Hello there! I’m Hana (Japanese for flower). I believe that there are two kinds of people in the world: consumers and creators. Now, everyone is a consumer, because creators need something to aspire to or to build on or to argue with or to completely surpass. You can be both, but you cannot be neither. I don’t want to be just a consumer. I want to be creating, to be adding things to the world.

In light of that, here are some things you might like to know about me. I love to read, but when I can’t find the kind of stories I want to read, I write my own. The name of my blog (Follow That Rabbit!) invokes Alice in Wonderland, of course, but it also reveals a critical aspect of my personality: I am the queen of going off on rabbit trails.

Stalk me:
on Facebook to see all my updates
on Twitter to see what I’m up to (nothing, usually)
on Wattpad to see all my stories
on Tumblr to see what I think is funny
on Pinterest to see what kind of plans I have for my life
on Instagram to see pictures of my mundane life
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Posts about authors who shaped me as a person:

Gilbert Morris

Hayao Miyazaki

J.K. Rowling


5 responses to “Bio

  1. Hi there,
    You had us hooked with your post title “I Found Alaska”. We love your spunk and attitude when creating content. Plus you sound intelligent and we like people like that. We’ve nominated you for a LIebster Award (info here: We hope you participate and are looking forward to your answers!
    Miranda and Tiffanie


    • thank you so much 🙂 how do I figure out how many followers someone has?


      • Hi! Sometimes blogs have a follower count in the sidebar or near the header. We also had some trouble with this. We would recommend trying to read/find blogs through WordPress Reader. Once you click on the actual blog where all of the posts are in reader format (the url would be something like, not in a fancy themes, it should say underneath the blog title. Hope this helps!
        Of course, blogs don’t have to be from wordpress, you can also choose other from tumblr/blogger/etc.


  2. Hi, Hana!

    I did not know the meaning of your name, or the correct spelling.
    You write so beautifully. I look forward to reviewing your book.
    Just let me know when it is published!

    I still need to email your mom the list of publishers, I have review for.
    There are several you can check into, for publishing your book.
    I love the beautiful flow of your words.

    Congratulations on earning the Liebster Award.
    If your not familiar with it, it is an Award that is floating around blogasphere.
    I just happened to see that you have a blog, while reading twitter.
    In case you didn’t know, I also have a blog.
    I mostly review Christian books.

    I am going to add your blog to my sidebar blog list.

    Grace Fellowship


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