Tell Me a Story

Most of my reaction posts on this blog are to books. I posted a few reactions to TV shows and podcasts, but they were all fictional things: Limitless, Daredevil, Alice Isn’t Dead. My current obsession is a podcast called The Dollop.

I’d been trying desperately to catch up for about a month when I got to the episode where Dave is complaining about the person who pointed out that bi-weekly meant every other week. I guess I should have realized sooner. I’m not catching up because this “bi-weekly podcast about American history” happens twice a week. (Side note: Can we start saying fortnightly like the British do?)


It’s really interesting, maybe even kind of sad, to me that I’ve learned more history from this podcast than I did in four years of getting my history degree. Makes me think about the fact that words don’t matter nearly so much as the way in which we use them. Actions speak louder than words, right? Well, your voice and your face and your body matter more than any of the words themselves.

We tell each other stories constantly. Why do we remember that a waiter was rude to our friend so long later even when we didn’t actually see the waiter? Why do we watch movies and quote them word for word so much more readily than we do with books?

I think those things–your tone of voice and your body language–anchor information into your memories. A story sticks so much better than just the information. Gareth constantly interrupting to ask questions breaks me out of just listening, and I’m more likely to remember what happened in the episode.

That, and America has some really messed up stories.


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