Just Enough

I know I talked about depression pretty recently, but two more of the YouTubers I follow have since made videos about having depression, and I just …

So, as previously mentioned I’m sure, one of my hot buttons is empathy. Like, be nice, be gentle, try to understand – that sort of thing. Have enough imagination to consider what it’s like from their side. People are so quick to be defensive (something else I have strong feelings about) and so slow to be compassionate.

It’s so easy to behave as though, just because their delivery is bad, that someone hasn’t made a good point. That’s what sucks about depression. “If you can’t explain what’s wrong, then it can’t be that bad.” But that’s not true.

Jean talks about how because depression is a mental illness, there’s not necessarily a physical marker that you can show someone. This means that the more metaphors people know for depression, the better. It’s so important to be able to comprehend what a person is trying to explain. Yes, good delivery helps, but the responsibility of communication lies as much with the person listening as it does with the person talking.

I don’t have clinical depression. My depression is very mild, and it’s related to the seasons more than anything else. From what I’ve read, seasonal depression is mostly winter-triggered, but as with most things in my life, I got it a bit backwards. I get depressed when the weather starts getting warmer. And also when the Christmas decorations start appearing, but that’s a whole different season.

I like to think of it this way: I’m just depressed enough to be kind to people who have depression. I’m just anxious enough to be gentle with people who have anxiety. I’m just hyper enough to be patient with people who can’t focus.

Maybe that’s an awful way to think of it. But if everything happens for a reason, maybe that’s mine.


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  1. I have clinical depression and appreciate your words so much.


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