La Belle et la Bête

Although I was introduced to the concept of Disney princesses fairly late in my childhood, Beauty and the Beast is probably my favorite of the lot. I mean, have you seen that library?

I went to see the new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast last weekend. I loved it. This isn’t a review, exactly, more like disjointed fangirling that ended up being too long for a Facebook status.

(Spoilers though.)

Josh Gad’s voice suits his face so well it makes me angry. I think the only other thing I’ve seen him in is Frozen. I, mistakenly, assumed that Olaf’s voice is a complete exaggeration. But it’s not that big a jump from his real voice. LeFou was as hilarious as he was in the original and actually kind of awkwardly adorable, which I wouldn’t have expected given the caricature kind of character he was in the animated version. (To be fair, I’m pretty fond of the original LeFou too.)

Bard is the best Gaston.

The transformed prince was actually decently good-looking, as opposed to the transformed prince in the animated version, who looks like a bowl of cottage cheese.

Belle made a washing machine. A WASHING MACHINE.

Belle and Maurice have the best relationship.

It was SO FRENCH. Rather than representation for representation’s sake, the diversity actually made sense because Beauty and the Beast is a French fairy tale, and the French were pretty chill about immigrants. Also, ” ‘a certain je ne sais qoui?’ ‘I don’t know what the means’ ” is the single greatest pun I’ve ever heard.

Speaking of French, the choreography in the good morning bonjour song was so great.

The relationship arc between Belle and the Beast was really well-developed. In the animated version, you don’t really get the impression that time is passing. It’s a very fairy tale ending. But in this movie, there is more of a sense of time passing. Not much, but still more than a lot of other princess movies. And the shift between Belle and the Beast is logical and much more natural.

The fight at the end was great. Especially the part with the wardrobe.

All in all, I really liked the adaptation. It was still the Beauty and the Beast that I know and love, but fleshed out in a way that made all the characters come together even better. Also, Emma Watson. How do you not like anything with Emma Watson?


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