My Life in Books (Announcement Post)

So I went to snoop around my local library this week, and in my browsing of the stacks, I found myself thinking about American Horror Story. Random, right? So I back up and look at all the spines, and there’s an orange spine with AHS font on it. Naturally, I took it home. (If anyone ever tells you not to judge a book by it’s cover, you call them on their B.S. Covers are important. The most important content in the world would still go unread if the cover designers dropped the ball. And the spines are the most important part of the book cover.)

Anyway, book spine rant aside, this book is called The Agony of the Leaves, and it’s basically the author’s life told in a series of anecdotes involving tea. The tone of the book is so entertaining that I finished the first chapter before realizing that I had brought home a cookbook. And it’s not a cookbook for tea either. It’s a funny story about a key moment of Helen Gustafson’s life that involves tea, followed by recipes for all the foods and drinks mentioned in that story.

I’m very sensitive to caffeine. I didn’t properly start drinking tea until about two years ago, when it was the least offensive (and mostly the cheapest) thing I could purchase at a coffee shop where I was meeting friends on a regular basis. I discovered that my mistake had been to try herbal teas first because things like peppermint sounded less intimidating than ones like English Breakfast. Nothing against peppermint tea, but I like something called, apparently, cambric tea, which basically means milk with a shot of tea.

But anyway, this post doesn’t really have anything to do with tea. I was just excited about learning the actual name for what I have heretofore referred to as “white tea.”

I mean, I could talk about my life in key events involving tea. That wasn’t my plan, but now that I think about it, tea has been quite important in the recent years of my life. For one thing, the reason I’m so close to the majority of my current friends it because I spent those weekly afternoons drinking tea on Main Street and “writing.” I’ve written several thousand words of a couple different novels powered by tea. I’ve blogged about the green tea incident a little bit too.

The actual goal of this post is to see if I can accomplish the same biographical theme as Gustafson did, except through events involving books. I wrote a post a few months ago about Gilbert Morris and how he shaped me as a person. I plan to do the same for Nancy Rue and JKR, probably Tolkien and Lewis too. (Now I’m thinking about it, definitely also expect one about George MacDonald.)

Maybe this is an announcement post for that project. Let’s go with that.


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