“Our church doesn’t support interracial marriages”

As the daughter of a biracial marriage, I’ve never really understood this. I guess I skate by because I’m white and Asian. Loads of people brought back exotic wives from Vietnam or the Philippines or from any number of other places they were stationed. Being half Asian has been normalized. I’ve never experienced the kind of aggressions that follow other interracial mixes. Modern science continues to find proofs that a black human has (brace for it) the same DNA components as a white human. So does every race, ethnicity, and nationality of person. We are all people. I haven’t been discriminated against or attacked, but I’m still eager for the day when everyone comprehends that no soul is greater than another.


“Our church doesn’t support interracial marriages, therefore we cannot support your work.”

We received this response from a pastor earlier this week when I asked him if we could have the opportunity of sharing our ministry to Australia with the church congregation. The sad thing is, it’s not the first time we’ve heard this response. It prompted the question in me “why do churches believe interracial marriages are not biblical?”

So, is interracial marriage a sin? The short answer is “No,” but don’t take my word for it. Let’s look at what the Bible has to say.

Verses about interracial marriage

First, let’s look at Bible verses that talk specifically about two people marrying who are of different color skin.

All right, now that we’ve looked at those verses…”Wait, wait a minute” you say, “you didn’t list any verses.” That’s because there are none. Zip, nothing, nada, zilch…

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