A Particular Road

Maybe it’s just me. My last post was about having emotions attached to songs. Now I’m going to talk about having them attached to roads. ROADS. Who has emotions attached to roads?

Me, apparently.

So there’s a particular road. It’s about five miles from my house, a long two-lane road that cuts through a huge pasture. I don’t drive it very often anymore, but I used to drive it at least once a week.

It had been three or four months since I’d driven on this road. Maybe longer. But I took the turn onto it  and immediately this sense of wrongness overtook me. I was the only one on the road, sure it was getting dark but my headlights were on, my car wasn’t making any unusual noises… so I ignored the feeling, assuming it was just anxiety.

But then I realized.

This road needed Cecil. This road needed improbable science and wheat anarchy and cute kitties with poisonous spikes.

Back in November (or maybe October?), I went on a road trip that involved the entirety of the Florida Turnpike. On the way down, I listened to Alice Isn’t Dead. On the way back up, I listened to Within the Wires. So those shows now have permanent geographical emotions. Which makes listening to them quite funny, because while highways are a perfect association for Alice Isn’t Dead, they’re really weird imagery for Within the Wires.

A lot of things have geographical ties in my brain. “Hurricane” by Bridgit Mendler, for example, has been associated with vivid green rice fields on the way to Narita Airport since August of 2013, never mind that I listened to it over a hundred times in three days at a wedding in Kansas when I first added it in July. The first time I played it last year I almost had an out of body experience (which could have ended really badly because I was driving at the time). “Get Lucky” is associated with a huge red ferris wheel somewhere in Osaka.

And Welcome to Nightvale, all hail, is apparently associated with that one particular road.


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