Anything Hurts Less Than Quiet

In 2013, I had just discovered Dan and Phil. I watched all their videos and all their YouNows and I aggressively carved out my Sunday afternoons to listen to their BBC Radio 1 broadcast. That was the last time I really added a diverse set of music to my library. That was when I first heard Fall Out Boy, Owl City, The Vamps. That was the summer I discovered Attracting Flies, Burn, Get Lucky, Wake Me Up, I Need Your Love, Counting Stars.

Last year was the year of Blue Neighborhood, Badlands, and Cry-Baby. Hold Me Down was one of my favorite songs last year. But this year, I can’t listen to any of those albums. In fact, all last winter and the first couple months of this year, I couldn’t listen to anything I already had because of the memories attached to it, and I wasn’t finding anything else I liked either.

It’s funny what comes back up when you start playing on shuffle. Suff like The Quiet. It’s funny how differently you feel about the lyrics a year later.


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