Gold & Turquoise

When I was in elementary school, I had this gold necklace with a massive heart pendant on it. I used it when I played house, as collateral or as payment, or any number of things which I have now forgotten.

I don’t remember much gold in my childhood, real or otherwise. This necklace. My mother’s diamond wedding ring. My father’s wedding ring. A pair of clip-on earrings that I never really liked.

I don’t remember any turquoise at all. I didn’t avoid it. It just wasn’t there.

This year, there’s a lot of gold and turquoise. The bookstore where I work has gold and turquoise journals. The planner I bought for 2017 is gold and turquoise. In fact, I suddenly realized that I own a lot of things that are turquoise. The planner I’m using this year. My current journal. My newest Bible. A set of folders I bought for a trip a few years ago. It was the main color in a blanket I made for a friend for Christmas a couple years ago. And it’s the color of my primary flash drive.

And I just . . . When did I buy all of this turquoise?


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