Radio Silence

I went through a phase recently where I just didn’t have or even want any words. I wasn’t reading anything, I wasn’t writing anything. I figured out how to play my sound machine app over decent speakers and I stopped listening to music entirely.

I’m not a music person. I didn’t grow up choosing my own music, and there was always something playing in my house so I learned to tune it out. I can’t just sit down and listen to music because I don’t hear it. I have to play songs on repeat when I like them otherwise I don’t hear them go by.

Silence lasted a couple months. Once I figured out the speakers, it was probably a month of nothing but the sound of rain.

And then Hamilton happened. It’s been a couple weeks now, and I have listened to pretty much nothing but Hamilton. My Shot and Right Hand Man and Non-Stop to hype me up in the morning, Burn or It’s Quiet Uptown to make me sleep. Actually, just the whole of the second act to wind me down at night.

I’ve cried myself to sleep a lot recently. (Is it spoilers if it happened almost 300 years ago?)

The other night I went through my iTunes library and deleted almost everything that I had added up to when I started college. I haven’t listened most of my music in forever. I’m that person who listens to a song a lot and then never goes back to it. So going through my library is like going through a time capsule. I remember who I was, and I miss that person.


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