Nano Week 1

So. It’s that time of year. It’s National Novel Writing Month.

I spent most of the first week of Nanowrimo exploring and shopping. I’m all stoked to take new brand pictures (and general Facebook profile stuff, because I’ve had the same profile pic and cover photo for two years). I want a burgundy baseball cap. Where does one acquire a burgundy baseball cap? (In other news, I got a new plaid shirt that’s gray with a little bit of burgundy, and apparently, I am obsessed with burgundy. Which would explain why fall is my favorite season.)

Anyway, my current word count is 825. I’m writing the second half of my book from scratch. I’m loving it so far. One of my main characters is being presented at a coming out ball, and he’s a guy, and it’s hilarious. I’m excited to write more, I just have to do it.


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