I Find This Disconcerting

Can I tell you something? It’s a little weird. It’s not something I expected. It’s probably not something you would think about me if you met me and talked to me for a few minutes.

I hope you don’t think of me differently, but…

I think…

that I might be…

a Hufflepuff.

I haven’t been in the fandom for as long as some of my friends. I didn’t find out about Harry Potter until there were five books and two movies. I’ve only read the full series once. I don’t have any merch and I don’t even own the books.

Everyone wants to be in Gryffindor, right? I mean, I’d love to be in the same house as the main characters. I’d love to be the one who would fly a broomstick through a thunderstorm, just for the Vine. I’d love to be someone’s white knight. I’d love to never give up, never surrender. I’d love to be the adventurous one.

But I’m not a Gryffindor.

I did well in school, mainly because I have a good memory. When I took the quiz on Pottermore, I fully expected to be a Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw Hana likes reading on the weekends and she listens to classical music. She’s vegetarian, probably: she actually likes salad. She’s polite and respectful and maybe a little condescending.

But I’m not a Ravenclaw.

When Pottermore said that I was a Slytherin, I was surprised, but I came to accept it. I have big dreams and I am going to achieve them. Maybe I’m a little dark, but probably not as dark as I’d like you to think (or maybe I’m much darker than you’d ever imagine, and I just have a pretty smile). Maybe I get a little drunk on power, but I’m smart enough to stay away from it. I think my dream is worth working faithfully to achieve.

But am I a Slytherin?

Smile and say thank you. You have them fooled.

Smile and say thank you. You have them fooled.

That was definitely the reaction I got. I don’t seem like a Slytherin. It’s prejudice, from the moment Hagrid says that there isn’t a wizard or witch who went back that wasn’t in Slytherin (which is a bloody lie, Hagrid). So I retook the quiz, just to make them happy, and I got Ravenclaw.



I’m a Slytherin.


I’d love to be a Gryffindor, I expected to be a Ravenclaw, but I am a Slytherin.


Sort of.

Hufflepuff gets a bad rap. With Gryffindor taking the adventurous ones and Slytherin taking the ambitious ones and Ravenclaw taking the academic ones, Hufflepuff seems like the house that gets the leftovers. Hufflepuffs are just … average.


Hufflepuffs are brave too. They fight when others flee because they are loyal to the death. They are patient, both with life and with people. They are fair to all, and they work hard. They are the steady, dependable ones, the ones that others rely on. They are your anchor in a storm. They are your lighthouse on a dark night. Who can you turn to, if not a Hufflepuff?

I wouldn’t mind being a Hufflepuff. In many ways, I would make a great Hufflepuff. I’m objective. I’m hard-working. I’m patient. I’m loyal. I would get on famously with Madame Sprout, let’s be honest.

That’s a weird thought, isn’t it? That everything you thought about yourself is a lie?

For more thoughts on the house stereotypes, lythar-wolfe has a really insightful text post.


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  1. Haha I’m Hufflepuff at heart too. I kept getting all 3 other Houses on Pottermore, which is flattering I guess, but I’m realistically more of a Hufflepuff. Proud of it!

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