the shadows illuminated

By Julia Koslowsky

It was cloudy and warm outside.  She would have preferred a cold rain, but cloudy was good enough.  It was good writing weather, except for the fact that she had writer’s block.  All writers hit it at one point or another, but that didn’t make it any less frustrating.  Thankfully, the atmosphere was full of inspiration.

The coffee shop radiated life and contentment, though only a few people sat inside.

Yes, rain would make this even better.

The rich aroma of coffee, the tangy smell of tea, the crisp sweetness of pastries filled the air.  She paused, looking up from the blank document on her laptop.  Everything in this place had a story.  There were so many stories that it was almost distracting.

The posters of music gigs and events plastered on the wall by the bathrooms.

The professors working on papers or research behind her.

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