I’m A Mess

This rips my soul out in the most beautiful way possible.

Clockwork Spires

You ask me for my honesty and you tell me it’s okay, but honestly, the real me is just really broken, and how can anyone need that?

You want me to open up but the truth is I’m just fucked up and anything I say will just contaminate you and if I let you in it would taint you with my damned sin.

So I hide and I cover and I act like I’m everyone’s mother, because everyone needs someone and I want to be there, and then you tell me I need someone too but what you don’t see is the real me because she doesn’t deserve your love and she doesn’t deserve your sympathy.

I destroy what’s good in my life and I do it with a smile, because for a while I can keep it all in and be what you need me to be, but eventually…

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