Beware the Quiet Ones

Beware the quiet ones. We don’t speak up, but don’t fool yourself: we have the loudest minds. We are always thinking. We move your world without you ever realizing we were there. We see more, know more, feel more than we let on.

Beware the quiet ones. We listen to your dreams and we smile and we lie. We put on our armor every morning to face the world, a different suit for each battle. We are not who you think we are. We are the knights who fight for your happiness; we are the butlers who know everything about you but keep your secrets anyway; we are the assassins who break up your relationships.

Beware the quiet ones. We are always watching. We know the quirk of your mouth and the wrinkle of your forehead and the sparkle in your eye. We are always listening. We hear your smiles and your tears and your fists in your voice.

Beware the quiet ones. We will infiltrate every part of your life and become the invisible wallflowers in your mind’s garden. And when we disappear, the flowers you admired out of the corner of your eye will die with us. We will be the empty chair at dinner. We will be the absence once filled with companionable silence. We will be the feeling of walking into a room and forgetting why.

Beware the quiet ones.


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