Beautiful imagery… (And of course I don’t reblog a Fourth of July post until the middle of August, yay me.)

Real Joye

Independence Day.
The celebration of freedom.
Acknowledgement of the past
And remembrance of the fight
For rights.
Our rights.
Our human rights.
Oh, beloved freedom.
Immerse yourselves,
My people.
Satisfyingly drown
In the deep sea of
Red, white, and blue.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
Making history
We raise our banners high.
Covering our lives with
Joy, triumph, and pride.
We are proud.
Proud of our rights to
Free speech and big guns.
Bang. Bang.
But, a shot at freedom isn’t free.
The cost?
Trading in grounded wisdom
For the land of the free
And the home of equality.
Running from oppressors
Becoming the oppressors.
Obsessing over what’s right
And what’s wrong
While we sing the song of
Louder and louder we cry
Til our voices disguise
The lies we tell ourselves
To make it through a 24hr
Day turns to night.
Dark back…

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