This is incredible, and also eerily relevant, down to the day.

Real Joye


Can we break them on our own?

Can we walk the streets of the heart alone?

The dark alleys of our past

Revealing the lies we told ourselves to just get passed

The hurt.

The pain.

The tears.

Popping whatever.

Drinking whatever.

Doing whatever

It takes.

Reaching for life while clinging to death.

Grasping for hope while gasping for breath.

“Breathe.” You tell yourself.

You think you can do this.

You’re in control.

But you’ve lost your way and found an empty soul.



Use this. Get that.

Instant gratification.

Self satisfaction wasted until the

Feeling of exasperation settles in.

A quick high and a desperate fall.

Crying out for someone.

Anyone who will help


I call to the God I’ve heard so much about.

Putting in my last request.

Specificity in the hopes of finding simplicity.

Surrendering my false sense of serenity for

His divinity.


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