A Tale In Time I

Is your torch lit?

A Tale In Time

Today it is the path.

The path never ends. Nor does it begin. It merely travels. It winds and unwinds. It climbs and it falls. It grows and it wanes. What is like the path? Nothing that I have found. This is why I have become the Wanderer. I am destined to follow the path for my brief existence until my light on this journey goes out. Then another must take my torch and pursue the path to its unattainable end. But it’s not about the end. Nor is it about the beginning. Now you must think, what is this “it” that I refer to? The “it” is the great question. It is also the great answer. The it is the journey. When the light is extinguished, will the path remember your steps? Will those that follow in the path see your footprints? That is what one must ponder while…

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