Into Temptation

Sometimes, you can only see the tangled threads on the back of the tapestry. Sometimes, you have to admire the tapestry of someone else’s life, and just trust that your tapestry is as beautiful as theirs.


Regret is the past tense of desire. For me, at least.

I should probably explain what I mean by that. In the moment, I always have a long list of things that I want to do. For instance, right now I want to write a blog post, I want to eat a sandwich, I want to take a shower because I just went to the gym. Those are a few of the things which I want that I can reasonably obtain. Unfortunately, desire is irrational. I want to project a spotless image of myself, I want to eat a huge slice of chocolate cake with a side of brownies, I want to hide in the shower all day and not approach society. Although I know that these things would be bad for me, I still want them. 

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