The Call of the Void

So I might be slightly obsessed with this blog…

Clockwork Spires


You drive down the road, the sunlight nearly blinding you. The old country road is empty, not a soul for miles. Your music is loud and your windows are down. And suddenly you think: What if you crashed? Not because you’re suicidal. Not because you want to die. But simply… because. What if you ran your car off the road and smashed into a tree? Would you actually die? Would there be blood? Of course there would be blood. Who would come to save you? Who would notice? How long would you be there, in your crashed car, alone? These self-destructive thoughts serve no purpose; you’d never actually crash your car. But you think about it. Why?

L’appel du vide.

You’re in the kitchen making dinner, and you pull out a knife to cut up some vegetables. You carry the knife delicately from the drawer to your cutting board and…

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