Happy July

I don’t like July. It’s like, SURPRISE it’s summer and it’s FRICKIN HOT and GUESS WHAT IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR SCHOOL. The school bit wouldn’t have bothered me last year because hey, I’ve already graduated, but this year I have friends who are still in school, which means I have July to hang out with them, and then I won’t see them again until Christmas (basically).

A lot of stuff happened in June. I wrote 25K words of a new project because I’m not sure where to go with my novel pending serious changes. I blogged three days a week pretty much all month. And even though that wasn’t nearly as intense as blogging every single day last June, I think I’m going back to twice a week for now. I’ve noticed my blog posts getting more random, and even though I am fundamentally a random person, I want my blog quality to be a little higher than what it’s been recently.

That being said, I wanted to mention that apparently I have an irrational fear of lifting toilet lids. I didn’t grow up with a lid on the toilet, and I’m the only one who uses my bathroom, but there’s been more people hanging around my house recently, and they leave the toilet lid down sometimes, and it freaks me out. Crocodiles in the sewers, I guess.


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