The End of Everything

She captures in words all the feelings that I have whenever I realize that I’m making friends that I want to keep forever.

A Happy Girl's Guide to Crohn's

When you’re in high school people always tell you how bittersweet it’ll be when you graduate and all your friends spread out to different colleges. It’ll be a shock, they say, but you’ll get used to it!

Here’s what they don’t tell you: it never stops happening. You’ll pack your bags and go to college and meet a whole new group of people and fall in love and then in four years it starts all over again. But this time instead of just moving across the state your best friend is moving to Florida to intern at Disney to become a real kind-of adult, and your other friends are getting jobs or getting married and you- you’re still on the phone with your mother entirely too often. What do you do when everyone around you is growing up and you feel like you’re staying the same?

I’ve already announced…

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