Writing Holiday

As I may have mentioned *cough cough*, I finished (what at the time I thought was) my first book last week. A glorious beta reader has since convinced me that I can’t end it where I did and that I should use that cliffhanger as the mid-point climax. That was my original plan, so I’m actually kind of happy about it. However, it means that I’m now staring at 37K words which are completely out of continuity. One of the characters is a different person now (thanks a lot, write club). A couple characters don’t exist anymore. At least two characters lost shapeshifting powers. One setting got expanded and one setting got cut, and certain people became more important and others less so. I’m thinking about cutting a major plot arc from the 37K words, and basically, there’s a lot of work to be done.

I’m about to leave on a family vacation, so I decided that I would take a break from my novel. But am I capable of taking a break from writing? Apparently not. In the last seven days, I’ve written 7799 words (five chapters) of what the glorious one calls a romance and what I can’t help making a sci-fi conspiracy. I mentioned this to a friend yesterday, and he laughed at me–I’d like to think affectionately, but yes, I realize that I’m weird. The writer inside of me never fully turns off. Maybe that’s why I’m really good at writing fanfiction. My brain is a constant whirlwind of imaginary friends. (I was a lonely child, okay.) I read this article today, and I have decided that my inability to stop writing is a good thing. Writing is hard, and when you haven’t been writing, it’s just that much harder. So write on, friends, and release your stories into the world.


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