Shower Thoughts

I spent four hours in Starbucks yesterday, watching a glorious friend brainstorm a story for me. I had one paragraph of, “This plot is complicated and probably not in order.” She blew it up into a 7-page Google Doc, complete with little snippets of dialogue and all the ships and feels. So now I want to work on that, because it’s not something that’s going to be a proper book, and I miss posting on Wattpad. Writing group feedback is different and slightly discouraging.

With that in mind, I have gotten my OTP together in my book. And now I don’t know what to do. They’ve been mid-kiss since last week and I just I can’t. I’m strongly considering just getting rid of everything that is now Book 2 because I don’t want to query a duology (I mean who’s going to pay attention to a duology). Anna Dressed in Blood, right? First book was so good, but literally the second book could have been two or three chapters or even just an epilogue.

I don’t want that. I want my story to be a strong duology. But I don’t know if I have enough material to write a full second book. Maybe I should show that outline to my friend too.


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