I’ve been attending write club for eight months now, and I finally read them my plot twist. Which means that I can finally consult the whole group about the place I’ve been stuck at for nearly two months (hence all the editing). But now I have no motivation to write.

When I was about fifteen, I made up an AU where there were twelve families that were kind of in charge of everything, even though most people didn’t know it. Each family was known for something (like porcelain or space tech), and the main character was involved in an accident that gave her the ability to phase. I’m not sure where this came from, because I don’t watch (or at least, I didn’t yet when I was fifteen) that many superhero shows. But I really want to go back and work on that now and actually make a story out of it. There was another story loosely related to that AU where the main character had a titanium spine, but I don’t think I ever got past the first chapter. I still like that character a lot too.

I think I’m going to try and post more fiction on this blog. Because that’s mainly what I posted originally, and then I got to where I liked general blogging. But my life has gotten really quiet while all my friends are in the throes of finals, so I have nothing to talk about right now. And I’ve been spending too much time editing (and *cough* writing fanfiction) to watch anything or read anything that I can properly review.


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