Angel on My Shoulder

I made the horrific discovery yesterday that I have nothing left to reread/edit of my manuscript. After joining a writing group, I made some substantial changes earlier in the draft (cut down world building, expanded character development, followed up some plot holes, etc.) that mean I had to scrap the entire ending of my book. Actually, this wasn’t even supposed to be the ending of the book. This was supposed to be the midpoint climax, but after the changes mentioned, my “book” has become a duology. Some BookTuber was talking about how few good duologies there are out there, so hey. (There’s another girl in my writing group who had the same thing happen to her, and her story, since I can’t say this about mine, is definitely going to be a good duology.)

This means that instead of blogging about something significant today, I should really be brainstorming how the * I actually want the ending to go. Because some characters in (what is now) Book 2 got deleted when it was one book that I might be able to put back in now, which would mean that I need to set up some things.

What? Oh, the blog title? “Angel” is a euphemism for Crowley, who decided to start narrating my life while I was working out this morning (because hey, nothing makes the epiphany of your woeful lack of fitness sexy like Mark Sheppard’s lovely voice). As for “on my shoulder,” there’s a guy at write club who is extremely fluent in a lot of words I don’t use, and when I made the discovery that I had reached the end of my document, I really wanted to turn into him for like three minutes to express my shock and despair. Unfortunately, I was in a public coffee shop.


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