Brick Mansions Reaction

So I didn’t really have anything to blog about this week because different stuff happened every single day, and it was too much and I can’t. So I’m going to talk about Brick Mansions, which I watched today.

First of all, David Belle is bae.

I’m a little concerned that I liked this movie so much. (Only because I’m a girl and I was raised by the patriarchy.) I love the parkour aspect in the fighting and the escaping. The camerawork had a really cool whooshy style to it (yes, that’s the technical term). It’s kind of like watching someone play a video game, which is also something that I will happily do. It’s the same way I feel about the Prince of Persia and Lara Croft movies, although Brick Mansions has a different vibe (no mystical artifacts and all that).

If you haven’t seen Brick Mansions, the movie is named after a housing project that has become overrun with gangs and drugs, so much so that the city of Detroit has walled it off from things like police and hospitals. Basically, it’s the American version of a walled city.

A while back, I discovered that Kowloon is an actual thing. (I previously thought it was a race of vampires, and I can’t remember what anime I have to thank for that.) Hong Kong used to have a walled city where 33,000 people lived on 6 acres of land. That’s a lot of floors, right? There was very little government influence in the Kowloon walled city, which meant that the Triads were in charge of everything.

Sound familiar?

I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with walled cities. They sound awful. But every time I hear about one, I’m like, “I’d fic that.” I haven’t yet, but I got an idea for a story today, and I’m excited to start playing with it.


You still here?

You’ve seen the movie?

Okay, good.

I loved the NAD. I totally called it as soon as they said they told the MC about the bomb. Like, Fire of London, anyone? Mysterious destruction is always a convenient starting point for city building projects. I called it, but I loved what they did with it. I liked the character arcs converging on it, I liked the Brick Mansions residents flooding the mayor’s office. Brick Mansions is probably going to be my favorite movie for a while.


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