Happy Pi Day

So. Spring break happened. In case you noticed that I haven’t blogged for almost two weeks and wondered why. I’ve never been on spring break before. I went to Isle of Palms, which was great except that the tap water tastes like Lowcountry a.k.a. SWAMP. Stayed in a beach house with 16 people, all of whom are into games that go completely over my head. Everyone got sunburned even though it was the frickin’ first week of March. Stupid South Carolina. Went for a walk on the beach at night for the first time, which was not as cold as I expected. Also went to a place on Sullivan’s Island called Poe’s Tavern, which is a burger place wallpapered in Poe. Best. Concept. Ever.

Contrary to the title of this post, this is mainly a reaction post and has nothing to do with Pi Day, or White Day (if you’re Japanese).

I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing, but I was introduced to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube yesterday, and I may not be writing anything until I finish watching. I watched 44 episodes before going to work today. FORTY-FOUR. LBD has made me realize that people put a lot of stock in being married. And that I have weird tastes. But mainly that people think you can’t be single and happy (if you’re a girl).

Charlotte is great. Like, she’s not awful in the book, but LBD Charlotte is the best thing that ever happened to a classic lit character ever. She’s smart and cool and Asian. Now, I am a sucker for a British accent, but I like the American color spectrum in LBD (no offense to the U.K.; everything on the BBC is super colorful, just different colors). I didn’t realize that Asians are POC until Wednesday, which makes me look at a lot of Tumblr posts very differently because I AM POC. I did not know this.

(For the record, the reaction to this revelation on Facebook was “who cares? you are you and that’s awesome!” as though the C in POC is something that needs consoling. I don’t think she meant it that way, but it’s so hard not to read microaggression into this reaction now! WHY TUMBLR. WHY.)

So the “include all shades in everything” movement is great because ASIANS. Seriously, Bingley makes me smile more than Dan and Phil, and that is a HUGE accomplishment. He is possibly the cutest person I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Also, I’ve loved Caroline ever since she was a lesbian in [a Pride & Prejudice adaptation which shall remain nameless because that would be spoilers], and LBD Caroline is epic. Like, I can’t even.

I sound like Lydia.



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