Sonnet VII (Shakespeare)

A while back, I bought two books of poetry in hopes of making myself more well-rounded culturally. One was Shakespeare’s sonnets. You know how the really good movie adaptations make you want to read the book? This kind of happened for me with Shakespeare. If you’ve been on Tumblr much, you’ve probably seen that Tom Hiddleston is a total Shakespeare nerd. I watched a Nerd HQ interview (best thing to happen to fangirls ever) with him talking about his favorite lines from Shakespeare, and I was like, “I want to be able to quote Shakespeare with that much confidence.” So I decided to plow my way through Shakespeare, one sonnet at a time. (I’ll do the plays later. Let’s not try to eat a whole elephant in one mouthful.)

I got to Sonnet VII today. This is the first Shakespeare I’ve read where I’m like, “Yes! I understand what you’re saying!” without having to Google things or ask an expert. And the juxtaposition of man’s life with the sun’s course is beautiful. Not in the romantic way, but in the fine literature way. Shakespeare is responsible for a lot of expressions we have now, and I’m really excited about seeing more of them in their original context. Because apparently “dead as a door nail” and “fight fire with fire” are both expressions Shakespeare made up. Who knew? Tom Hiddleston, probably.


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