Shad Shifferdecker

(I am so dating myself by talking about him. Lily and the Creep came out in 2001. Geez, I’m so old.)

Recently, I’ve been craving Little Red Riding Hood, and I’m so tempted to rewrite it with my protagonist and his love interest. Maybe because she has red hair and he’s a werewolf. Anyway, in brainstorming this idea, I kept coming up with details that were familiar, or character choices that I had already made.

I’ve already brainstormed a Red story twice.

I may have a slight obsession with Red. I’ve mentioned my obsession with Beauty & The Beast before, and I think the two obsessions are connected. The tendency is, in any adaptation where Red is not a little girl, for the relationship between her and Wolf to become either romantic or sexual. So Grown Up Red and Wolf are basically the same thing as Beauty and the Beast.

My favorite AUs are ones where Wolf is a werewolf. Those make the story even more similar to Beauty and the Beast because he’s only a monster sometimes. The theme becomes redemption rather than retribution. Which goes back to my preference for fire elemental themes over ice elemental themes. (Shh, Jelsa is still my OTP.) Ice stories are generally about fear, and fire stories are generally about anger. Internal vs. external. The Beast is the internal kind of violence (imprisoning Beauty); Wolf is the more external kind of violence (eating Grandma). Beast is intentionally abusive, while Wolf is basically unconscious.

Side note, while reading the original Grimm’s tale to see what it was like, I discovered that she’s actually called Little Red Cap, which I find hilarious. In other research, there is some really cool Red & Wolf art out there. I found a bunch on Pinterest last night when I made a board specifically for my Red obsession. I think my favorite Little Red art is her bringing him a heart-shaped balloon. But I’m obviously not alone in my opinions about Grown Up Red. *cough cough NSFW* Kinda like my opinions about Peter Pan. So there. (I don’t think I’ve mentioned this anywhere but on my bookshelf tour. I should talk about Peter sometime.)

So who’s Shad Shifferdecker? I first met him in book 3 of the Lily Series by Nancy Rue. (They’ve redesigned the books now, and I don’t like it. They used to have people on the covers, and Shad was really cute to my eleven-year-old brain.) He was the boy who teased Lily a lot because he liked her (revealed about 6 books later). This ship was probably my first experience with tsundere (a relationship involving a lot of affectionate violence), which is my favorite romantic arc. I guess the English variations would be kiss-slap-kiss or love-hate. But Lily naturally hated Shad because he bullied her. Then he began to get more mature, and she began to learn things about his home life, and they ended up being friends toward the end of the series. It’s my favorite thing.

I obviously have a type. Jerk boy meets fierce girl.

This was supposed to be a Book Boyfriends post. I got distracted by the werewolves.


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