Fan Fiction Reaction (Supernatural)

I’m sorry my blog has been so neglected the last couple of months. Nanowrimo really did me in. And also, I’m still recovering from a whole month of basically no TV. I think I talked about that a couple weeks ago, about different anime I’ve watched since November. (Add Anohana and Durarara to that list. Also, quite a lot of Hunter x Hunter.) I finally got around to catching up on Supernatural. I’m still not current, but I watched up through Fan Fiction.

Since I don’t like to leave my house, I spend a lot of time on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr (both of which have infinite scrolling it’s bad guys). And over my years on the Internet, I have developed a deep appreciation for fanart and fanfiction. That made Fan Fiction a really weird episode for me. Like, mainstream networks are depicting fanfiction as a legitimate pastime. I mean, the authors are all a bit nerdy because they’re super into whatever they wrote a fanfic about, but I think it’s really cool that fanfiction is no longer a thing you do at 3 am in your bedroom and never tell anyone about. (Okay, maybe you do, but at least the Internet brought you and the people who love the same thing you do together.) Even if you don’t write fanfiction at all, I’m sure you’ve imagined what happens after the words “The End” at some point.

Last year, I spent 45,000 words wallowing in self-pity because I no longer live in Japan. (Real matcha! Pumpkin flavor, yogurt flavor, mochi, baumkuchen, castella… Okay, I’m making myself hungry.) This fanfiction actually turned out to be really therapeutic for me, because I went through the notes I kept on my summer trip and kind of just worked through some little thing in each chapter. My point is, fanfiction is really natural to me. This particular one was kind of like a fictionalized journal, getting all the turmoil and confusion out (and dumping it on danisnotonfire because danisnotonfire is bae). I blogged about how I felt when I finished Maid Latte here.

Anyway, because it was so therapeutic for me, and I because I liked fake-walking around Japan so much, I really wanted to write another fanfiction this year. One to work on when I need a break from working on my book. I had two directions I was considering for this year’s fanfiction. One was an Ouran Host Club type story peopled with YouTubers. I decided not to do that because I really don’t watch that many YouTubers. I just watch a few a lot. (*cough*Dan and Phil*cough*) The other was a Harry Potter fanfiction, but in space. I may still write that one this year because it’s the rough version of a story I want to write in the future, but it will not be the official therapy/recreational writing.

Yesterday, during a long car trip on which was discussed everything from the geopolitical ramifications of falling gas prices to the differences between the elf races of the three authors in the car, I sorted out the cast for this year’s therapeutic fanfiction. Remember that post about what I would name my children that I’m not having? That’s who’s going to be in this year’s fanfiction. I just haven’t decided what to subject them to yet. Cue evil laughter.


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