15 Things In 2015

15. I resolve to master winged eyeliner. And I’d like to become more adept at makeup in general. I don’t wear it, but I’d like to know how.

14. I resolve to spend more time outside of my house. Specifically, I’d like to go to more fine arts events and art galleries. I went to a lot of both while I was at school, and I miss the culture.

13. I resolve to clean the aftermath of my new bookshelves out from underneath my bed. I rearranged my bedroom in September, and my mom put all the leftover boxes under my bed. I haven’t been able to find anything for months.

12. I resolve to conquer the concept of meal planning. Cooking is something I want to be better at, especially if the opportunity to live on my own arises.

11. I resolve to read 50 books again. I managed it in 2014 at the very last minute. This year, I’d like to do it a little less by the skin of my teeth. And I definitely have at least 50 books I haven’t read yet sitting on my new shelves, all sexy and covered in words.

10. More specifically, I resolve to read at least one Jane Austen book that’s not Pride & Prejudice.

9. I resolve to write another therapeutic fanfiction. Because I miss Dan and Charlie. I don’t think this one is going to be about Japan, but Dan will definitely be in it again. The actual series that I’m test-writing probably won’t show up until 2016, or possibly Nanowrimo 2015. I’m very excited about it though.

8. On a related note, I resolve to turn my Dan-in-Japan fanfiction into an actual book about Japan. (And probably about “Dan.”)

7. I resolve to give up sugar (at least until summer) and cut down on carbs as a lifestyle choice.

6. I resolve to write more letters, to send more text messages, and to leave more notes. The people in your life may never know how you feel about them if you don’t tell them. Actions may speak louder than words, but people still like being told that you love and appreciate them.

5. I resolve to finish my second draft. I’ve been working on this book for nearly ten years. It’s such a huge part of me, and I’m excited to share it with others.

4. I resolve to reach my goal weight. Pretty standard New Year’s resolution.

3. I resolve to get fit. (How original.)

2. I resolve to improve my Japanese reading skills. Because I speak it fine, but I can’t read very well. I’d really like to be properly fluent, just in case I get to move back there.

1. I resolve to care more. Because I don’t get excited about much, and it’s starting to bother me.


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