Happy Birthday to Someone Special

Today, December 5, is a day of great significance in the lives of countless people, so I wanted to take a few words to say happy birthday to someone very special.

Happy birthday to the man who taught me that nothing can keep you from singing. When you’re happy, let yourself be happy. When you’re sad, turn it into art. You can never stop playing the song of your life, but you do have a choice about what your song sounds like.

Happy birthday to the man who gave me my bad boy complex. Who conditioned me to go weak at the knees for the boys who are wild and reckless. Who planted a deep love of the girls who talk like Belle Watling and walk like Marilyn Monroe.

Happy birthday to the man who helped me believe in magic. Who taught me that there’s always a prince, even if he’s not charming. Who taught me to fly. Who taught me to never give up, never give in. Who showed me the power of forgiveness, both for the one who forgives and for the one who is forgiven.

Happy birthday to the man who taught me that a pretty girl can turn any head she chooses. That a girl doesn’t have to define herself by a man she lands. That a book is not always what it appears by the cover. That being kind is the most powerful magic. That a new friend can change your perspective in the best way possible.

Happy birthday, Walt. I love you. Thank you for everything.


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