Did I get any writing done today? No, but . . .

I finished The Maze Runner, putting me at 42/50 books read this year. With the rest of the trilogy and the Heroes of Olympus waiting, I probably don’t have to struggle with what book to read next for the rest of this year’s challenge. Love the variety of nationalities in it. Especially Minho. Represent!

And I watched World War Z, much of which I spent shouting at the characters because the plot was really clever and they just didn’t get it. I also liked it because the change was too fast for the zombies to have their flesh rotting off them. Also, Segen was awesome. She gave Lane so much more of a daddy vibe after that scene on the airplane. I mean, you have calculating survivalist, and then he goes all, “It’s okay, good girl, you’re doing fine,” on her. All the feels.

This was supposed to be a Facebook update. I got a little carried away.


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