Can’t Let Go

No tag post this week. It’s not a habit yet, guys! I kind of forgot. (Also, something’s going on with my weekly Monday post over on Wattpad, and I was trying to get that sorted yesterday and today.) This post contains spoilers for DW 8.7 Kill the Moon. And Fifty Shades.

Clara is so mad about the Doctor leaving her to make the choice for herself, but I doubt she’s really going to leave him. Like Danny says, if she were really done, she wouldn’t be that angry. I’ve been reading Fifty Shades Darker this week. (Well, last week too. I’m kind of limping through it.) At the end of Fifty Shades of Grey, Ana leaves Christian because it’s all too much and she can’t handle it. She manages one weekend away from him. (And judging by the fact that there’s a third book, I’m assuming the relationship doesn’t go down in flames in Darker either. At least, not permanently.) That’s kind of how I see what happened in Kill the Moon. Because when someone comes into your life and sweeps you off your feet and turns every theory you’ve ever had on its head, it’s hard to let that person go.


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