Prowling, Ep. 2

So I went prowling again and picked up these beauties at my local B&N.


Really excited, especially since I got permission to go back for more tomorrow. There was one about writing serial fiction and one about writing short, which I seem to be good at. Yay, Christmas ❤

Today’s attempt at writing involved (guess what) dragons. It’s part of a series of short stories I’m hoping to write during Nanowrimo. I’ve done about 5 brainstorms now, out of 26. Hopefully, October will be more productive than September. But September was just so hot… I mean, isn’t September supposed to be fall? I don’t like September. Yesterday was the first day I stepped out of the house and thought, “Yeah, it’s too cold for a T-shirt.” The other day, I saw geese flying by, and I was like, “IT’S FALLLL!” right in the middle of a transaction. Fall is my favorite season because I love winter and now it’s just around the corner.

I could do without the football games though. It makes traffic so hard to predict.


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