Library Tour Coming Soon

So I was really planning on starting a YouTube channel. But then I realized, I don’t have to have a YouTube channel to do the Booktuber posts. For example, if I want to make bookshelf tour blog posts, I can do that on WordPress. If I want to do “Kiss Marry Cliff” or “Fictional Boyfriend” or hauls, TBRs, and wrap-ups, why should I be required to do that in video form? The written word is just as legitimate as (and let’s face it, probably more permanent than) the spoken word. In the spirit of Booktube, I’m going to talk about the books I’m currently reading according to Goodreads.

Operation Screwtape by Andrew Farley
I have not read the original Screwtape Letters, but as near as I can figure, this is an update of that book in contemporary language. It’s really interesting to read from the demons’ perspective, because everything then becomes the other way around. For example, where “the Enemy” usually refers to Satan, in this book, “the Enemy” refers to God. I’m about halfway through it because I’ve been reading it at work, but I’ll definitely be picking it back up next time I get a chance.

Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman
This is another one that I started at work. I’ve read the first few chapters, but I need to get back on it. It’s really challenging. (Which might be why it’s taking me a while to read.)

The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn Iggulden
I love this book. I have the two volumes for girls too, but I think this one is more interesting. It’s kind of like the guide to classic summer pastimes. It teaches you how to tie knots and to signal in Morse code. It recounts stories about wars and pirates. Have not finished it yet though, because it’s pretty big.

The New Answers Book by Ken Ham
This is a great book for science from a Christian perspective. I love listening to Ken Ham talk, and even though he’s the editor and not the author of this book, it’s still conversational and deep. Which is great for me, because I have trouble reading technical material.

Blink by Ted Dekker
I think this is actually called In the Blink of an Eye now and my copy is way out of print. But this book is tied for favorite Ted Dekker book with Thr3e. Blink is about a Californian genius who develops the ability to see multiple futures a few minutes out and uses this gift to help an escaping Saudi Arabian princess. This is actually probably one of my favorite stand-alone books of all time.

I’m also reading a couple books of poems, but I don’t have anything to say about that. Once I finalize my library, I’ll begin posting a tour one shelf at a time. I’m actually really excited about this ::



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2 responses to “Library Tour Coming Soon

  1. Ken Ham’s book is ont representative of Christians and science. He really needs to start with reading the Bible with care.


    • (assuming you meant not) Christians and science is a pretty broad statement. perhaps I misunderstood your post but I don’t agree with your comment that the age of the earth doesn’t matter. how could God say “It is good” about an Eden built on millions of years of the trial and error of natural selection? about a billion half-formed things that could not survive in nature?


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