Arden Phoenix Progress Update

Just completed the first handwritten edit of my novel! Woohoo! I should reward myself with ice cream. Now I have to type up all the stuff I scribbled in the margins, but this is a really big step and I’m very excited.

A lot of stuff has changed in my novel over the years. One of my main characters was an OC for a Harry Potter fanfiction that I never posted. What used to be a parallel universe like Narnia is now a slightly different Earth-centric universe (an AU of reality, if you will). What used to be a high school summer adventure now encompasses twenty years. And when I was working on one of the profiles, I accidentally wrote four generations of backstory, so those may become a novel (or several novellas) someday as well. I’m actually really excited about writing the story of one of the grandparents. I also want to write the stories of at least one of the family patriarchs. So many things I want to write, so little time!!

I’m currently working on a story destined for #FanfictionFriday once I get far enough ahead to start posting two stories simultaneously. (Guess what I work on in a delirious panic every Sunday night. Actually, Maid Latte is going pretty well.) But lots of exciting things are coming up! I’ll try to blog more regularly. I think I peaked in June. Yeah.


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