Prowling: Attempt 1

I mentioned on Facebook the other day (me) that when I write my autobiography, I’m going to call it Prowler, because I never do anything unless I think it will be useful in a story someday. I’ve gotten the impression on Tumblr that a lot of Internet people are like that.

I was actually going to do a series called #datingJace in which I do date-type things with either my Nook or an actual copy of a TMI book. (Not like a movie date stuff. Restaurants or something.) But I got really busy immediately after getting that idea, so I haven’t gotten to do it yet. Actually, I could have done it at Chick-fil-A today, but it was so crowded and I didn’t want to sit there awkwardly reading.

Which is the whole point of #datingJace. I have trouble following ideas through. Have you noticed?

Anyway, I went on my first Prowl today. I picked something easy and comfortable for the first try: Barnes & Noble. I was really surprised by how nervous I got anyway. I basically walked the whole store spying on people. Next time I Prowl, I’m going to take my vignette notebook and do it properly, but for the first try, I just observed people. There was a lot of kids in there today, but the college kids are definitely back in town. My favorite student was the girl sitting on the floor in Study Helps, staring at the rows of black and yellow spines (and blue and white). I’m so glad I’m out of school.

Also, you know that feeling when you resign yourself to buying something that’s almost what you want but then you find exactly what you want for half as much when you actually go to buy it? Yeah. That’s a great feeling.


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