A Harrison Ford Kind of Mood

I have no idea why, but I was just in a Harrison Ford kind of mood today. I watched Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, which I’ve seen several times but still loved. (Because Indy is just my kind of man, unfortunately.) And then I watched Star Wars IV A New Hope, which I hadn’t seen before. It must have seemed so alien and cool to everyone when it first came out. I didn’t realize how old Star Wars is, but the first movie came out in 1977. You can kind of tell too. All that hair.

I haven’t seen Harrison Ford in that many things. I think I’ve really only seen him as Indy. (And Han, now.) He’s kind of just one of those fixtures of my childhood, like Robin Williams. As a 90s kid overseas, I have a skewed perception of which American movies went when. I honestly grew up on Errol Flynn movies, which explains my reaction to finally meeting Princess Leia. But I loved Han. It was weird seeing him so young. Like, compared to Crystal Skull, he seemed really young in Lost Ark. But then IV. He’s SO YOUNG. (I just looked it up and he was 35, but he looks way younger. Or I just can’t tell how old white people are.)

I miss the swashbuckling movies where the villains were allowed to be blond and blue-eyed or tall, dark, and handsome. I miss the clichéd characters who don’t die at the end of the movie. I miss complications that didn’t include second-hand boyfriends.

Speaking of dying at the end, I finished City of Heavenly Fire yesterday (FINALLY), and it was amazing. I haven’t read anything else written recently that satisfied me that much. (I only had three complaints: that one character did not personally get what was coming to them, that one character was left in the situation they were forced into during the book, and that the Clave is stupid. WWII, people. Harsh reparations never make peace.) I was actually really pleased with how the series ended, given that the last book I read was TFIOS. And can I just say, SEBASTIAN. Sebastian, Sebastian, Sebastian. SEBASTIAN.

Side note: There needs to be an Indiana Jones-Lara Croft crossover. And also a TV series of The Mortal Instruments, with a script written by someone who has actually read the series. (Actually, they need to remake a lot of books into TV series so that we get the full awesomeness. Harry Potter, for example. And Percy Jackson. My goodness, Percy Jackson so badly needs a TV series written by someone who’s actually read the books.


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