90s Kid

The other day I marathoned my three Home Alone DVDs. We were kind of making fun of them for losing each other so easily, and then we discovered that the first Home Alone came out in 1990. It’s so weird to realize that before, when you went out, you’d have to prearrange a meeting place in case you lost each other because you couldn’t just text your friend to find out where they’d gone.

I’ve noticed a massive nostalgia for the 90s recently, which I completely understand. Obviously, TV was better. The 90s were the era of Full House, Sister Sister, The Cosby Show, Fresh Prince, and Home Improvement. It was when there were fake tattoo bracelets and stick-on earrings. It was when we got kicked off the Internet when someone wanted to use the phone.

Yeah, sure, we didn’t have pocket-sized computers. In fact, most people didn’t have computers until well into the 90s. But I think that was good for us because 90s kids have all the common sense of the 90s with all the adaptability of the 00s. Being sheltered, I didn’t discover stuff like Fresh Prince until at least 2005. I actually didn’t discover Full House until two weeks ago. But I had a Furby and scrunchies and I had something like six Tamagotchi of various species (I know I had two original, one angel, one dinosaur, and two interlocking kidney-shaped ones; not gonna lie, the dino was my favorite, but I accidentally pulled one of the buttons out). I also had a Razor scooter, but I never did get the roller heel shoes. (Good thing too, I’d probably be dead.)

I think the thing I personally miss the most about the 90s is being young. Not like young in years, but young in heart. I wasn’t afraid of anything, and I didn’t worry about what other people thought of me nearly as much. I didn’t know about a lot of things there’s no point in knowing. And I miss being that way. I know too much.


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