Slap Fight Play

Obviously, I’m a massive fan of Dan and Phil on YouTube. Yesterday, they appeared in thefinebros’ new video “YouTubers React to The Slap.” I don’t generally ever see viral videos, but this one presented an interesting concept, so I actually went and watched the proper video after watching the reaction. Max Landis presents the theory that slapping someone in the face with their permission can actually be more intimate than a hug. A lot of the people in the video had never been in a fight or whatever. The reactions were unexpected. That’s here, if you’re interested. Even if you don’t watch the video, the description was really good (and well written, which is unusual).

However, this video appears to have set me off on a marathon of extremely violent media, which is kind of the opposite of the director’s intention. I had never seen Fight Club, so I finally watched it yesterday. (It’s 15 years old now. Wow, I’m late to the party.) I gotta say, I was not expecting that ending. I liked the perspective on man’s primal nature. There are so many things that we cover up with white collar jobs and Ikea furniture and addictions to whatever. Peel all that away, and humanity has not changed at all. We’re just better liars.

And then today, I watched Tokyo Gore School. (My question is, where the heck did they get that title? The Japanese title is something like, “website behind the school.”) It’s similar to Battle Royale, except the murder game is a secret and only the participants know what’s going on. And yes, I know Battle Royale is really similar to The Hunger Games, but Battle Royale is actually older. Or so I was passionately told when I said that they were similar.

Why are we so interested in stories where large groups turn on each other until only one is left standing? Is this Lord of the Flies? I feel like this is Lord of the Flies.

Well, at least that episode of Chuck makes a lot more sense now.


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