Day 29/30: Five Weird Things You Like

I like a lot of weird things. Am I allowed to just skip prelude and come up with Doctor Who? I mean, in a linear sense, Doctor Who is pretty weird. It’s a show for people who are into the scientific side of fantasy. I recently learned the term space opera, and I think DW fits that category pretty well. And, although they got nothing on Johnlock, DW shippers are pretty intense.

Another weird thing I like is dovetailing. Well, dovetailing isn’t weird. It’s just weird that I like it specifically. But seriously. I was looking at this book on Colonial life and there’s this thing called a mortise-and-tenon joint, which is two pieces of wood carved to notch together and then drilled to be held together by a treenail. Keep in mind that this was basically done with a handsaw and an ax. How did people with so much less technology make stuff that was such better quality? I don’t understand.

I guess, on the topic of architecture, when I become a world-famous author (trolol, sure, after I’m dead) and make enough money to afford it, I’m going to build a house with secret passages and hidden rooms. And possibly a widow’s walk and one of those round stairtowers on the side of the house. I like secret passages. Again, not really weird, but a weird thing to like. Although secret passages are probably pretty popular on the list of “random things I like.”

I like Milkis. Now, I wasn’t aware that this was weird until a coworker read the label of the bottle last week. The label said that Milkis is “yoghurt and milk flavored.” Apparently, America doesn’t have milk-flavored stuff. (I think Milkis is the Korean version of Calpico, which I also like and is described the same way.) Japan has loads of flavors we don’t, actually. Milk and yoghurt are two of them. I don’t know if dairy just tastes different in Japan, or if it’s actually a different flavor. You know, like “orange” in America.

I also like honey and peanut butter sandwiches, animal crackers with banana and peanut butter, and cheese sandwich melts with grape jelly. I guess I like a lot of weird food combinations. Yay gluttony!


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